Technology is advancing logarithmically faster and as a result, we must be aware and “in the know” as a species.  A form of  Darwinian “Survival of the Fittest,” those who know how to use and take advantage of what technology has to offer are most likely to get ahead in the world versus those who don’t pay attention, eventually falling behind.  The gap between the haves and have not’s is widening, so we must choose where we want to be within the two extremes.  Technology of course is like a dual-edge sword.  It can be a bit disturbing because today’s children will never know what it was like to just go and play outside without texting and checking their social media profiles.   Times have really changed and will continuing to do so faster and faster. What side of the spectrum do you want to be on?   We all love high-speed wi-fi, as it enables us to crawl the internet and learn whatever we choose.  However, we also enjoy the nature and I also enjoy the natural energy from being out in the wilderness surrounded by plants and animals.  We also need nature to help recharge us and help us connect with mother earth, so we can take care of her. The technology world appeals to me and it’s uses are becoming a more regular part of our everyday lives. What we saw on tv like, “Star Trek” and movies like “Back to the Future” are slowly becoming realities.  We are getting close and closer to having real Hoverboards like those designs by Hendo Hoverboard. This is just one example.  Today we are printing homes, human organs and have 3D pens.  What’s next?! Times are changing faster and faster, and we will eventually have to make decisions that impact the future of our lives and generations to come.  One thing is for sure.  We must ensure that information is free and accessible to everyone and that we create a sustainable future, for everyone, including those yet to be born.  The world is not ours to own, but ours to borrow and take care of so when the time comes, we may hand it off to those after us. Today we are printing homes, human organs and have 3D pens.  What’s next?! I’ll be writing about interesting technological trends and hope you enjoy the ride! Thanks for visiting and feel free to fill me in on any cool technologies you find interesting! Cheers! @AdamSarwar


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